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      AzaSol is a pale yellow/white, amorphous powder containing 6% by weight azadirachtin. It will instantly dissolve in water to give a solution that is ready for spray applications for pest control. Non-Oil based and highly effective as a powder.Use AzaSol for pre-harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables in case of sudden pest infestations.AzaSol is effective on a very wide spectrum of insects and pests as listed on this label.Use AzaSol on a wide variety of plants as listed indoors and outdoors. If plans are made to use AzaSol on plants not listed on this label, it is recommended that a small area such as a leaf, stem, or branch be test sprayed first and checked several days later to make sure that leaf wilting or damage does not occur. When used as directed, AzaSol will destroy targeted insect larvae when they, (1) eat sprayed plants, or (2) come in contact with the spray. AzaSol eliminates insects by stopping the insect’s growth, and is effective on all insects listed, insect larval stages and pupae.

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